Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Spudtastic Birthday

A Spuddy Sort of Story 
for Evelyn Kati on her third birthday
from all of us

It was the perfect day for a party. Mr. Potato Head (affectionately referred to as Mr. Tots 
by the Mrs.) and Mrs. Potato Head were dressed to the nines and ready 
to mash, er...smash the birthday party of one very special child, Evelyn Kati.

"C'mon Mr. Tots, take a running jump," said the Mrs. as they entered the fine establishment on Chesaning. 
"I 'm feeling a little starchy dear. Lend me a hand," pleaded Mr. Potato Head.

The first thing Mrs. Potato Head did was find the nearest little spud. 
"Oh my, Mr. Tots, his hair is just as soft as they say. Mmm...mmm...."

Mr. Potato Head gave an approving sort of pat to the boy, "Well, well, little lad. You sure have grown since we were here last. Best of all, you're doing what every fine spud should be doing--practicing the art of the Couch Potato."

Across the living room they spotted the others spuds being kept kept in line. 

What a festivity, cupcakes! The decorate-your-own kind. 
The guests were delighted with the treat.

Like every good party, there was one scare. Evie leaned a little too close and set 
her blonde hair ablaze. But, never fear, the fire department was near.

The guests mingled comfortably. Mr. Potato Head tirelessly recounted the wars between the Rice and the Potatoes, while Mr. Buff rambled on about kingdoms and capes. The ladies quickly brought up conversation more suited to their interests. Mrs. Potato Head filled Princess in on all the latest rear snap-storage compartments and switchable lips. Princess was just glad to talk to someone. Life was rather dull after all the rescues and adventures were over and "Happily Ever After" began. 

What's a birthday without the famous guitarist, Sophie, and mime, Noah? We sang the night away.

Sophie and the Mrs. enjoyed a lovely cup of tea after the singing. "How lovely of you to come," said Sophie. Mrs. Potato Head politely sipped along and quizzed Sophie on her fantastic adventures of the First Grade. 

Mrs. Potato Head whispered birthday secrets into the birthday girl's ear, "Ask for another cupcake, darling, right before bed. A momma never says "no" on your birthday."

In no time at all it was time for the guests to leave. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head found their 
new family van (complete with a Ken chauffeur) waiting for them in a nearby field.

So long friends. It was a very happy day, after all, wasn't it?

Happy Birthday dearest Evie!


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Happy Birthday Evie! Looks like you all had a fun day. Lots of Love from Aunty Karen

kelly anne said...

Ha! This is hilariously creative. Love it! Happy bday to a sweet, and very beautiful little girl!

Rachel Amariah said...

oh I love it! You guys have a fabulous imagination! I just read this to my kids here and they loved it too - Abigail is already off looking for her Mrs. Spud:) Happy Birthday to a pretty little girl!

Roelie said...

Great fun!!! Very creative!!! Feel honored to be in your story!!! And to be part of the fun!!!

Christiana said...

Kara, you should totally write children's books based on these characters! You may have to get permission from the "Toy Story" folks, though :). Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!

Christy said...