Sunday, April 17, 2011


It has been an exhilarating week, one which scattered my thoughts and heart hither, thither, and yonder.

Here's my mental unload. 

My baby is no longer a baby. He's a little boy. He had his first real haircut today and it kind of breaks our hearts. Although he does look better, he looks older. He did great with his haircut and the stylist was trying to do everything to accommodate him and pretend he was completely normal (which is slightly amusing I might add). The stylist next to us thought he was a teeny baby because all she could see was his adorable little head above the big black cape. The stylist to the left thought he was sleeping because of his eyes always looking closed. The truth was that yes, he has a very small head, but he was LOVING the buzz of the hair trimmers. Something about that type of noise is the most intriguing thing in the world to him. 

I've been reading and thinking a lot about grace. In particular how we are to reflect the grace of God in our relationships with those around us and more specifically our children. I've been reading Grace Based Parenting by T. Kimmel and it's made me evaluate a lot of my own conceptions of my kids and how I communicate that to them each day. There are many critiques I have with the book but I've learned a lot too. 
It's made me think of how we express our insecurities in our parenting and how much of our parenting is reactionary. 

I am dreaming of a solitary get away. Solitary as in me, my books, guitar, and a plane ticket. Free air miles are coaxing me to come away for a while. Any recommendations? I'm thinking of the east coast. A bed and breakfast by the water. Quiet. Scenic. The only problem with my plan is the not-so-free accommodations. In Cambodia we could stay in rough bungalows for $15 a night. Europe had hostels for $15 a night. One night my friends and I stayed in a place called The Tent right outside of Munich. It was not a trendy name for a trendy was simply, a tent. A big tent with plywood floors. I think it was only $3 a night. We nearly froze to death but you know, the price was right. I digress...I'm not that hardy anymore. I think heat would be good and perhaps a bed. Can you tell I'm having fun dreaming about this? Indulge me, send some ideas my way. 

Last week Darryl and I went to a marriage conference. It was so relaxing to be away from our dear little ones and realize how much we still enjoy each other's company as two adults. Isn't easy to feel like colleagues checking off responsibilities together? It was wonderful to have fun, talk, be light-hearted, eat dinner together, and hold hands (instead of strollers, kids, and sippy-cups). 

One thing I'd like to learn is how to think more thoughtfully. More organized. More productively. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are charging in 100 directions at one time and getting no where. Any ideas you could share? 

And now, one last scattered thought to complete this very littered post. We have been the recipient of so much grace, chiefly from our Father in heaven, and carried out many times by those around us. A lot has been happening around here and the Lord has uniquely poured out His grace to us by putting sandbags of love all around us to keep us from slipping. It's come by way of meals, prayers, a pot of flowers, a gift for expenses, text message from a friend, help with laundry, and so the list goes. Big and small we are covered in prayer and love by you all. I am always behind on writing thank you notes, but please know how much you have meant to us. It fuels a passion in our hearts to reflect this very grace.

If you've made it this far, very well, you must have time on your hands. Good night, friend.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

They may be scattered thoughts my friend, but there is so much depth to them. I'll be looking forward to the next photo of Calvin with his big boy haircut! I remember your battles with Noah over haircuts, and am thankful that Calvin seemed content through it.

God's grace is beyond my understanding. I'm still learning about it, as I read "Captured by Grace". My prayer is that I will become a person who is very willing to extend grace to others, as God has extended His grace to me. I especially pray that this will be my attitude to my students.

So happy that you and Darryl had that time together. Hold onto those times. Hope some of those folk closer to you than Cambodia can make sure you get some couple time regularly.

Thinking more thoughtfully. Now there's an idea. Grab and notebook and journal. At least then if you get 100 ideas you've got them down on paper and you can come back sometime when you have a minute and focus on just one idea.

Love you Kara, and that God continues to pour out His grace and loving care on you and your family.

PS. Your Potato family story was wonderful!

Kate said...

When you figure out how to think more productively, let me know...I feel like I'm ADD in that area and so I have 10 things half thought-through at any given time, but none of them fully processed.
Paula loves to go to Martha's Vineyard, a B&B in South Haven, for solitary getaways...check them out. The couple who run it are lovely Christian people, and I bet during the week it would be wonderfully quiet!