Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've had many things to blog about lately, and lots buzzing through my head, but, somehow by the time I get to my computer at night (after rescuing the Rummikub pieces from ending up as Evie's after-dinner snack; after attempting to save our bathroom and everything in it from a complete soaking while Noah takes his bath; and after putting three kids to bed, and then putting them to bed again, and again...) my mind is completely blank. I can scarcely remember what we had for dinner. Did we have dinner?

Isn't that what life is like? Necessarily consumed with the daily tasks of living. Which is good...honest labor is a gift from God. Yet, I have to admit, sometimes I've felt myself wishing for a life with a little more ease (I miss Meijers!), a few more comforts (electricity all the time, green grass), a lot more sleep (do kids really sleep through the night?), and so on... It's trivial and it's petty, I know that.

Nothing reminds me of that more than when I look out my window and see a little four year-old girl riding in the back of her mother's trash cart. She waits patiently, with her little dirt-streaked face and half-naked body, as her mother opens our trash bags and sifts around searching for anything she can sell.

Or when I glance at the cover of the Economist magazine in the store. I see a little Indian boy, maybe three-years old, wearing little smiley-faced shorts. Blood runs down his body and a soldier holds a mask to his face. His eyes look scared, uncertain. How can a little boy comprehend what happened in Mumbai?

This gives me a reality check.

But I find even more of a reality check in God's Word. Perspective is brought sharply in front of me as I begin to understand the truth of the forgiveness of sin and of new life in Christ. All the small things that distract me and hord my thoughts slowly fade out of focus. The joy and freedom found in the grace of God dwarfs any petty complaint that wants to creep up in my heart. The realization of the goodness of God, inspite of who I am, drowns out all of my attempts to feel sorry for myself or wish for more here on earth. Instead it makes me silent and leaves my heart to do only one thing, worship. "Be still and know that I am God."

This makes the blessings and mercies in my life, which are new every morning, appear large and looming.

Here are a few that come to mind from the last few weeks...

The freedom of the gospel in Cambodia. Last Friday we attended an outreach in coordination with our church. Many Cambodians from the government and business sectors were invited. It was quite thrilling actually to watch them as they listened to the gospel being presented to them for the first time. We had a lovely time meeting many of them and continue to pray for fruit.

I'm so thankful for Darryl and for the blessing he is to me and our kids. He turned 30 on December 4. I love his zest for life, his spontaneity, and how he is interested in everything from dirtbiking to theology to art. I admire his patience, openness, his love for the Lord, his love for his work at Logos and his commitment to his students.

The privilege of living in Cambodia. I never thought I would say that, at least not the first year! Living here has taught me so many things, changed us profoundly, and enriched our family's life in countless ways.

Now I am off to bed. The details of the day may still be a little foggy but the truth of my life is beautifully clear.

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