Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hands and Feet of Kindness

I have written over twenty blog posts this weekend. The number of posts that made it from my head to paper? Zero.

Maybe it's due to all the sleep we're getting lately. So this is what it feels like to have the brain actually function? Fascinating. Sleep (yes, sleep!), six whole uninterrupted hours of it each night, is recharging our batteries and brain cells.

There's all sorts of things I'm bursting inside about. Before I start opening the accordion, I need to start with kindness. It's been bursting all around our family. Kindness of different shapes, forms, and aromas.

Delicious meals (yum! and so helpful, thank you),
a bright bouquet of tulips accompanied with a visit,
people spending time reading to my other kids,
family baby-sitting for us so we could get out together,
pre-packed snacks for lunches from a friend,
offers to hold Calvin for a few hours,
sisters and sister-in-law who have been my closest confidants and helpers,
a card in the mail written to Calvin,
surprise gifts in the mail,
comments on the blog (I love reading them!),
and even more!

We feel the tangible love from those around us and it is overwhelming. God hasn't answered our prayers in the way we wanted. We look around at all the confusion, pain, and seemingly unanswered prayers and cry, "Lord Jesus, are You here? I want to trust but I don't see Your hand in this!" And then we find little crumbs of mercy falling all around us whispering, I'm still here, trust me. You are in my everlasting arms. Trust me. Be faithful, not unbelieving. My ways are higher than your ways. His Word speaks like a soothing balm to our souls and His messengers of kindness bind us up.

I have never realized the power of being Christ's hands and feet until being carried and fed by them. It is beautiful. It is reassuring. It is humbling.

Thank you for being an example to me.


Casey said...

Beautifully written Kara. Even in the silence and pain He is there!! Thankful that that truth does not depend on our feelings.I am so glad to hear that you have been getting some refreshment. Love from Cambodia, Casey & family

Christy said...

Oh my, you always make me cry. This one was happy tears. It makes my heart full to hear of joy in the midst of your suffering.

trmills said...

It makes me happy to know that you're getting sleep and your neurons are firing! Thank you for trusting us with your joys and sorrows in the journey, friend.