Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Moose!

May I recommend?

I love vintage illustrations. It is one of the reasons we (I) love "Honk the Moose". But the story is equally nostalgic and dear. Join two little hunters bragging about shooting a moose. Then watch them meet a moose! The pictures will keep you turning through the pages again and again. 



Christy said...

I love your recommendations! I got the kids "Adelle and Simon" AND "Trains from A to Z" for Valentines Day ... fabulous!

Kate said...

Isn't that the guy who did drew for The Story of Ping? I think so...another great story, different author.

Lesley said...

Hi Kara et al. Lesley here. Want you to know we read each and every post you put up, and continue to pray for you guys. Usually, I'm in tears over your words and situation, but mostly it's sobs, happy and sad.:) Journeying with you. Maya thinks that our return to "North America" this summer will mean she can see Sophie! Not sure when, but one day.. Bless you guys. Say hi to all!

Kara said...

Christy-Now I feel the pressure...people actually read my recommendations! :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm still laughing over your snow day post.
Kate-I think you're right! We love Ping too.
Lesley-Sophie misses Maya too. She would love to go but I think she'll miss out on too much school...not to mention the price of another ticket. Thanks for keeping up on the blog. Love you guys. Hi to Steph and Julia too!