Saturday, February 12, 2011

a day in the life (10)

Calvin laughed as Evie played patty-cake with his little hands and stiff arms. She leaned her little pint-sized face into his, "Mmm, Calvi we wuv you, Calvi we wuv you." His grin stretched even wider as her wayward hair tickled his nose. Her smile matched his. Joy. Delight. Love.

No personal space involved here.

Batman (a.k.a Noah) swooped down from the steps and leapt onto the couch. "I will save you," he pronounced to the hostage, a little fella by the name of Calvin. He bounced hard on the couch cushion making his hostage giggle from the bounces. Batman wielded his almighty powerful stick (leftover firewood from last night) and protected the 14-month-old hostage from all the invisible "bad guys" surrounding the couch. That's right, you protect him, my boy. Take him on your adventures. Let him see life through your eyes, your laughter. 

Even Batman needs to get dressed.

The Jesus Storybook Bible was open on her lap. "Thud, thud, thud," Sophie was emphatically recounting the story of David and Goliath to the little lamb snuggled up in her side. "I will fight you in the strength of the Lord," she read on as Calvin sat still, eyes open and still, soaking up all the sounds from his sister's story. She paused to straighten him up before he nose-dived into the couch. Tell him your stories, Sophie. Tell him the story of Jesus. Take him under your arm, tell him about your love, tell him about Jesus' love. He'll listen. Tell it to him again. 

Another one of the many times she's caught reading to him ;).

The fire crackled and hissed as Darryl put on a fresh log. Calvin lay on the floor by us, silent, mesmerized by the firelight. He was calm for once, seeming to be out of pain. Darryl brushed threw his hair (the hair that desperately needed to be cut but his mom just couldn't quite do it). "How can something so broken be so beautiful?" Darryl wondered as his little boy swung his arm up to hit his daddy's face. Is it the image of God shining through more brightly in children like these? Innocence? What is it? 

These moments are slices of heaven on earth.


Rachel said...

Calvin has two wonderful sisters and older brother! How precious that love is...thank you so much for posting this; it warms the heart. Thank you also for your post "Go on, enjoy that coffee." I too had read Dr. Murray's post and found myself overwhelmed with the suffering of others and even feeling guilty. Thanks again!

Kate said...

What a sweet thing to read. It's such a huge blessing for Calvin to be the youngest of 4, and so loved by his wonderful parents!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you (but I know your sister Karlie through Ina Neels). I was forwarded your blog by my mom and I read through the whole thing from the beginning. I am touched by your strength, faith and honesty! Calvin is such an adorable little guy and your other children seem to be so great with him. We have a son with special needs as well & although his are not as severe, I can relate to many of your thoughts. Thanks for sharing and being so REAL. May you and your family receive blessings & courage for each day,
Trish Anker (Sumas, WA)

Lorissa said...

What a beautiful post, Kara! Thanks for sharing these glimpses into your life. Please give Sophie a hello and hug from me :-)

Anonymous said...

the bond that your children have with one another is absolutely beautiful and RARE. Do you realize the norm is for siblings to hate each other.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Thanks for these glimpses of the good times in your family. The love your family has is precious. Calvin is so gorgeous, I can understand why you are struggling with the thought of that first hair cut! May you know God's loving arms holding you up all the time! Love the pictures of Calvin with each of his siblings as well as him looking out the window! Thanks so much for helping all of us stay up to date with your wonderful family. Miss you heaps. With lots of love to all of you. Karen

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post.... "How can something so broken be so beautiful?" ...what an honest question. And, it really shows us that WE are all the broken ones, and in God's eyes, we are worth redeeming... worth the life (and death) of God's Son, Jesus. We are not worth anything in and of ourselves, only in the fact that God has given us value and worth through his Son.

Not one of us is really worth anything, and yet we see the Father's boundless love, and faithfulness really, every day! He provides for us in more ways than we can ever know and see, and above all, He has given us a Saviour, so when we are through with life here on earth, we can spend eternity with Him in glory!!

It is so great that you are still able to see the little, great things going on in your lives, and that you're receiving strength every day to go on, in the strength of the Lord.

We pray that He continues to give you the strength and grace to bear your burdens, and that you will continually be drawn closer and closer to Him.


Becky said...

Kara, This time you've left me breathless. The beauty of your words is just -- breathtaking. Thank you, again and again. You never fail to touch my heart.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness, you have the most precious, precious children. Amazing love.