Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Place To Call Home

I watched Buster out the window this morning with a warm cup of coffee in hand. He's our resident squirrel who happily obliges Darryl's need for creatures in his life. I'm just glad he's outside the door; I've learned to never underestimate Darryl's preoccupation with animals.

It still feels surreal at times to be in North America. We were planning to be back in Cambodia on the fourth of January. We will not be able to return at any time in the forseeable future (forseeable, is that a word?). I miss Cambodia and our life and work. On the other hand I don't want to spend life pining and am looking for what God has in store for us at 2017 Chesaning, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This cozy home has been made into a little haven for us. After the help of many friends with scrubbing, painting, carpet cleaning, and putting a bit of this and a bit of that feels like home.

Darryl has the fireplace in good working order. At night we act like we're 80 and each take our respective rocking chairs. The fire cracks and hisses while Bavinck's biography keeps Darryl company and I fiddle with the guitar. The music and the glow of the fire put big grins on the little man's face. 

We love this little family room/dining room. My mom came over today to help out with Calvin for a while.

Home, a sweet cozy home.


trmills said...

Wow, it's beautiful, Kara. Praise God for such a warm place to live out these days. Ma and Pa Ingalls by the fire. And I love what you said about not spending life pining, but looking for what God has for you there- so much wisdom in that challenging task.

Kate said...

Oh, Kara, it looks so cozy. And it's good to see your mom again :)
I'll email you too but I want to come up soon. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Albert'n'Carly said...

Wow! I love it. It looks so nice. I can't wait to see it for myself.