Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1.5 Weeks of Bliss

Really, it was better than a vacation to the Bahamas. We had a short visit from Bliss right over the Christmas holidays. Calvin seemed to be recovered from the surgery and was feeling the very positive effects of not having a burning esophageal ulcers and reflux. And what a difference it made. I'm telling you, we nearly felt sane again!

We were actually able to ALL go to church and ALL sit in church. I could put Calvin down and take a shower without my blood pressure shooting through the roof and shampooing my hair in negative two seconds, flat. We took Calvin to a Christmas party at my parents and I could actually put him down and get something to eat (and he wasn't crying or choking!) and visit with people.

 Calvin had a great time with my brother, Zach. Look at his giggles!

Dear friends of ours (the Beekes) came over and for the first time were able to see Calvin in a non-screaming state. I think we may have even had a conversation. It was all so calm it was surreal after a year of incredible instensity.


It almost seemed too good to be true. And it was, sort-of. The day after the Beeke clan headed for Canada and every last Chrimstmas bow and wrapper were put away, Calvin began vomiting. Precisely what his surgery was supposed to prevent. We were quite crushed.

For the past two weeks we've been in the excellent hands of the medical team at Spectrum and are working to keep Calvin hydrated and in a non-retching state. We haven't quite acheived the latter yet. So in many respects we feel like we have gone backwards. He has his reflux back (although the surgery seems to be preventing some of it still) and in addition we are not able to keep fluids in him very well. He's on the feeding tube the whole night and can only take 1-3 ounces each hour. And then he still vomits sometimes.

We are so thankful for the small glimpse we had of Calvin when he was comfortable. He's a delight! We are praying we can get him to that state again. It's been hard for me to understand this. In a way if feels like God gave us such relief and then took it back again. Pray for us that we would continue to trust Him and not despair of His mercy. 


Kate said...

What a beautiful gift from God over Christmas. Lots of prayers for his renewed comfort.

me@alicesong.com said...

Hi Kara,
I have been following your blog for a few months now... I was introduced through a friend in Cambodia. Thank you so much for your encouraging posts. Your faith and strength is an inspiration and challenge to me. My son has some health issues and reading your posts gave me so much comfort knowing that someone else knew what I was going through. Thank you. I am praying for your son and your family... Take courage.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

As I listen to a baby screaming downstairs (not the toddler I usually hear), it reminds me of what you have been through and are going through with Calvin. Kara, I thank God for you, and your honesty and thoughtfulness in your blog posts. You are so honest and sometimes so deep in your thoughts. I praise God with you for the glimpse He gave you of the real Calvin, and like many others, pray that somehow the level of comfort your precious Calvin expereienced will return. I don't understand it all either, but greatly admire you and Daryl and your little family.
Love and prayers.

Christy said...

Such joy and pain, all in a few weeks. I sure don't understand this either. I just hate all this hurting. I'm so sorry ... praying for your Calvin back.