Friday, January 14, 2011

Dazzle, Dizzle, Miss Frizzle

The dear man was listening so patiently to me as I lamented to him about my third case of strep throat in a matter of a few weeks. But he (family doctor) seemed somewhat distracted. Like he was looking past my shoulder. I kept feeling like I should look back and see who (or what?) was there.

After he scripted another slue of antibiotics for me he said, "Wow, those are really cool earrings. I've been looking at them wondering how they work."

I raised up my hand to remember what I was wearing and then nearly burst out laughing.  Oh yeah, the metallic sparkly ones segmented into a million pieces (I really need to take a picture of them, eh?). 

"Well, ya know, Calvin," I offered. His look remained blank. I tried again, "I try to make myself as visually interesting as possible for the little guy. Visual stimulation and all." 

"You should get earrings with strobe lights," he suggested.

I think he's onto something.

If you should spot me and I bear any resemblance to dear Miss Frizzle of the Magic School Bus, please, be kind. 

It may not only be because my sense of style has gone awry. 

I'm just visually interesting.

P.S. I've been poppin' antibiotics like Mentos in church since October and still can't kick the strep. Any non-conventional tips to try before I have to bid adieu to my tonsils?

P.P.S. Seriously, if I came home with that jungle looking outfit I would be the coolest mom ever in Noah's eyes.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of them Kara--if they are constantly infected before the infection spreads to other places. You will feel bettedr ion the long run.
God bless.

Albert'n'Carly said...

Well I still love Miss Frizzle! Hope that bug leaves for good soon!

trmills said...

We want to see the earrings!

I've heard of another story where a person was under significant stress for an extended period and was dogged by strep throat...I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I know that's not particularly helpful as you think of how to get rid of it, but that's what I thought of as I read about your issue. Hoping it is banished very soon!

Martha said...

I might try getting off dairy entirely if that's not too much stress. We love you guys and are praying for you over here in Oz!