Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missing the Chaos

Sometimes my drive down Leonard seems...yawn...boring. I'm not looking for any collision-type of excitement, but I miss being surrounded by vibrant life going on all around me.  Life not tucked away in buildings.

On the way to school in Cambodia we'd have to watch out for cows, goats, motos, as we bounced along the rutted roads in our old Camry. Noah would be perched on the middle console with his arm around me looking around at the bustling road-side noodle carts.

Fresh baguettes would fill baskets belonging to a stout mismatched Khmer woman standing at the corner. School children would be riding along in their red pleated shorts racing and yelling to each other on their old rusted bicycles.

We'd watch the rooster scurry off the road and under a gate at the sound of our car approaching. An old toothless man, wrapped in just a krama, would stare boldly at us, quickly returning a smile in response to ours.

Here's a video of our teammates, Daniel and Luke, on a typical moto ride in Phnom Penh.  


Anonymous said...

You sound homesick. But if you move back, you might miss the quiet life tucked away and be homesick again! Can't win.
I don't think the video is working.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Hey Kara, I hear you. I miss the ride out to Logos, it was much less traffic than my new journey and definitely more rural! Life here is special and I miss you too! Karen