Saturday, November 06, 2010

a day in the life (3)

Well, I'm cutting it close this week with "a day in the life" series, but here it is at the end of the week with 32 minutes to spare. All is well once again in our home and my bleary eyes are ready to close. ~Kara

Yesterday was free from any appointments. All except a visit from a friend (which was a good kind of appointment). The uneventful day was promising.

Calvin woke up feeling a little rough.  Not long after waking up I became concerned as his body began to tremble uncontrollably followed by inconsolable screams. He is on "high alert" for seizures...maybe that's what was happening?

We piled in the mini-van headed for ER. On the way the trembling stopped. The racing in my heart didn't.

We called back and forth with the neurologist's office. It didn't fit with a seizure profile, they thought it may have been something with his medications. I was relieved.

The early afternoon rolled by filled with conversation, kids playing, and happy baby noises. And our first snow!

Calvin settled into a nap (yes, he is starting to nap! Hallelujah!) and I set about tidying up the house feeling encouraged from the shared company.

The screams broke through my thoughts. They sounded unusually forceful and strange. The trembling began again over his whole body. His condition continually worsened over the next 20 minutes. His face became so pale and his eyes strange. I was scared. Darryl ran to get a blanket to wrap him up in the van, Dad told him there was no time, I couldn't find my shoes, and somehow we piled into the van again, headed for ER for a second time.

He laid still on the big white bed in his blue and green hospital gown. Darryl and I looked at each other, exhausted. "He's precious," was all Darryl said. Sometimes when you feel something is slipping away you realize its beauty all the more. Slowly Calvin returned to normal and left everyone guessing about what had occurred. No longer in apparent danger, we bundled our little boy up and took him home several hours later, with thankful prayers in our heart.

On the wordless drive through the lighted streets I looked down at Calvin, a borrowed gift. Sophie, Noah, Evelyn--borrowed gifts. Thank you, Lord, for one more day with each of these precious gifts.


Jess Hein said...

Kara- thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us. I can't imagine how scary it is to rush off to the emergency room, but I'm thankful for the reminder that all of our kids are "borrowed gifts" that we cannot grasp too tightly too, but need to be thankful for each moment with.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Oh Kara, my heart is breaking for you. I'm so glad you had some good times in the middle of that difficult day. Will keep praying for you and Darryl and your precious family.

I love your comments about "borrowed gifts". The children in our lives are so precious that it's sometimes easy to forget that they are only on loan from the Lord.

Love you heaps. Karen

Christiana said...

Just checked your blog to see if there were any updates...Praying for you guys...I can't imagine. As others have mentioned, thanks for the reminder of our "borrowed gifts".