Friday, November 12, 2010

a day in the life (4)

This "a day in the life" episode is written with special thanks to our church family at Heritage Reformed in GR who have been constant in prayers and compassion. ~Kara 

It had been a busy day of events: feeding therapy, Masgutova therapy, deciding who had little Freddie first (my kids love Little People!), wiping noses, and all sorts of other life-sustaining duties. By dinnertime I was too tired to move and wished I could find that magic button, you know, the one that whisks each kid into bed and picks up all the clutter and junk in a zip and a zap.

A knock sounded on the door and I opened it to find a friend bringing a delicious warm meal. What a welcome sight! Her own bustling family was no doubt waiting at home for their meal too. She also is no stranger of need, with her own little girl struggling with cancer. One needy family giving to another.

It makes me wonder what I can do. How can I give to others even while we are being ministered to? How do I keep from being self-absorbed when all of my attention and energy is in demand 24-7?

Kindness has flowed over us in lots of ways these past few weeks. A surprise card, a phone call from a friend, an offer to help me at home, an offer to babysit, a warm meal, an understanding hug. We really are not alone in this, are we?

I would rather be in the place of giving than receiving, but it has been a good and humbling experience to be on the receiving end. Not just because of the good food (!) but it has been a way for us to realize the love and care in our church family. It gives us an opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful way, some we've never even spoken to before this, as they give with their prayers, kind words, and deeds. It knits us together.

Sometimes that's what this painful road of need does, it puts you in the place of blessing.  

Thank you, friends.


Kate said...

I always appreciate hearing how "little" everyday things can bless in big ways. Those of us on the outside looking in, wondering how best to help and wishing we could do something "big" can start there.
Hope you all have a healthy, restful weekend.

Christy said...

Your posts always make me cry! (ironic?)

I'm so glad you got a warm meal from a kind friend. I often feel so self-absorbed with no illness and pain and suffering to make it necessary. I'm so amazed at your desire to reach out while your hands are so full, and blown away by the friend that brought you a meal while in crisis herself. The hands and feet of Christ, to be sure.