Monday, January 25, 2010

She's Here!

When my world becomes jumbled and upside down there's no one like mom to come and keep me company and set my world straight again.

We have been busy taking care of kids and listening to a lot of crying (why do they misbehave when Grandma comes?!) and seeing some of the sights. The kids love having Grandma here; Evie can frequently be found wandering about saying, "Gamma, read book me."

And I took advantage of my mom's baking abilities and coerced her into giving me some bread making lessons. The result was fantastic! Mom sat in the chair and supervised and I kneaded and sweat and pounded :). Light and fluffy with a bit of chewiness...will I ever be able to do it again?
Noah obediently listens to his "teacher" along with the other students. Today's lesson is from Leading Little Ones to God, complete with picture viewing.
Calvin has been the recipient of lots of Grandma time. So nice to have my family here loving him. He's even giving a thumb's up!

Saturday night found us at the Mighty Mekong awaiting a boat ride with friends and the Logos crew. The air was balmy and a soft breeze was about. It sure made for a gorgeous ride.As we ate dinner on the roof of the boat the local fisherman were busy paddling their boats and throwing out their nets.

Sophie and Noah kept me on my toes as I tried to keep them from the edge. I just wasn't feeling up for a dip in the Mekong that day.
Some little girl just turned six...guess who?!

She was very happy with her birthday treat (mom was too tired to make a cake) at Swenson's, grandma's treat. And if you look closely you can see some other chubby fingers already diving into her sweet treat.

Pictures of the new Logos campus coming soon...stay tuned :).


Kate said...

What fun! Hope you have a great time together. That boat picture (the pinkish one?) is gorgeous!

cindy haas said...

Wow! Six already! I still remember when you guys first showed up in Cambodia and she was so young. How is "Dora" the explorer doing? Remember the day at that I was working in the library and she informed me that she wasn't "Dora" anymore? She was someone else then but can't remember who? So cute! Time does fly, doesn't it?

Kryna said...

Mom's make everything so much matter what age! Glad you can spend some time together!

Sarah said...

I actually teared up at the picture of you and your mom... how sweet! I get over to your blog occasionally and enjoy reading all of the updates. We are praying for you all and precious little Calvin during this time of busyness and transition. Warm greetings from Philly!

Kara said...

Cindy~Dora is doing great! I do remember that her little sister is crazy about anything Dora. I wish you could know her too. Still missing you over here.

Kate~my mom's picture, beautiful, eh?
Sometimes there are moments that it still feels surreal to be here.

Kryna~Thanks, we had a great time!

Sarah~Thanks for thinking of us and continuing to pray. Your little boy is sure growing up fast too!