Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Campus for LIS

January 2010 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Logos International School. An opening ceremony was held on a Saturday morning to thank the Lord for His wonderful provision and to dedicate this new facility to the purpose of serving and glorifying our great God.

For those of you who have visited I'm sure you will appreciate the space and size of this campus! The green grass is beautiful to the eyes and is begging me to play catch on it!

The building is three stories high with a cafeteria on the roof. This picture is taken from the third story, looking down at all the folks enjoying refreshments after the ceremony.

Darryl's classroom is on the third floor and overlooks the beautiful countryside. The view is fantastic and the breeze a welcome friend in the hot climate.

He decorates like a man, all the spacing is measured out exactly and everything is no nonsense and orderly. To him, decoration is just like framing houses, it has to be exact. I offered my help but he was pretty confident with his abilities. Although I may sneak a plant or two in there.

Opening ceremony.

High School choir singing "God So Loved the World"


trmills said...

Wow, the school is amazing...happy belated birthday Sophie...and SO glad your mom's there!

KKCambLogos said...

Actually Darryl's room is pretty impressive! I think he's done a great job! And he's got his students stacking their chairs on their desks to help make the cleaner's job easier too! I'm impressed.

natezev said...

Wow Kara, the new place looks awesome! It was about time to move out of the old school.

Kate said...

That green grass makes me drool and I'm from the States! :)
Say Hi to your mom.

Kara said...

Rianna~yes, you need to come see it in person :)!

Karen~I'll pass the compliments on to Darryl.

Nate~It still doesn't have the charm of the old campus though, maybe it will come with time.

Kate~It is one of the largest green grass areas I've seen so far in Cambodia, a real feast for the eyes!