Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Can A Mission School...

Afford such a beautiful new school??? It can't...but here's the story.

Taken from the Logos Website:

"Even while the rest of the world is in financial unrest, property prices in Phnom Penh are extremely high at over $800US/square meter. Currently our school pays rent to 4 separate landowners. Each landowner will offer only short term contracts and each landowner knows how important each parcel of land is to the functioning of our school. When a rental contract needs renegotiation, there is very little process, rather the landowner decides that rental prices are increasing by 280%/parcel.Logos needed an answer. This is what has happened:

Mr. Kim, a local developer and friend of Logos, offered to buy and develop a parcel of land for the school. Through God’s mercy and provision, the school is being built. The new contract gives Logos an actual school facility, a guaranteed lease and rental price structure for 25 years, and more importantly a chance in fulfilling the mission of our school and keep providing a great Christian International Education to our local orphans, our Cambodian students, our missionary families, and our expatriate families. However, there are some costs that we need to cover in order to have a functioning school facility."

You an see Phnom Penh in the distance. The school is about 20 minutes out of the city in the rural countryside.

This is the new library! We don't have much to fill this up yet but we are planning long-term space.

The construction crews live on site so as we meander about the site we move around makeshift beds, cooking pots, and living arrangements.

We still can hardly believe that our school is being blessed with this new campus! Move in date is December 18, 2009, Lord willing.


Jonathan and Allyson Beeke said...

How exciting! It looks awesome; we know it will be SO helpful for teaching!!! Hopefully no bats outside the rooms, wait, it is Cambodia, guess you'll still have the bats outside of the room! Hope you guys are doing well. Bud says the move-in date is a GREAT choice. Don't forget to sing Happy Birthday as you move the boxes!

Kate said...

You're sure building experience in building moves, Kara! Here's hoping that moving your library isn't quite the daunting task as at PRTS...happy memories there. :)

DadnMom said...

Wow! It's beautiful. It's pretty amazing to see the wonderful workmanship done with the spindly log scaffolding and the dirty, scraggly workmen with their families all around. They sure do a great job. Hope you'll be back from Bangkok in time for the move.

Kara said...

Al, I know, I thought of Bud! I am afraid we will be adding to the wildlife by moving out here...cows, bigger lizards, bigger rats, goats, etc. It's beautiful out there though.

Kate, I am opted out of moving the books since my baby will be conveniently arriving just slightly before the moving day. I can't say I'm too sad :). Wasn't that just crazy how we did it before?!? It still makes me laugh. Where were all the men?

Mom, Dad would be shaking his head at the scaffolding, but you're right, they are doing a good job! We are planning to come back from BKK on December 14, the week of exams, if this little one arrives in a timely manner.