Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Different Sort of Summer

I was unzipping my camera case and for a moment (if I had closed my eyes) I felt like I was climbing into a sleeping bag on a glorious camping trip. Maybe I'm spending too much time on facebook and living vicariously through everybody's summer vacations! Whatever the case, I am longing for sitting around bonfires with friends and family, enjoying long and warm conversations, eating burnt marshmallows, going to bed too late and waking up to eat big bowls of cereal. Northern Michigan is beautiful in the summer and I'm dreaming of sitting on its shore.

It doesn't feel too much like summer here, the rains have begun again and school is well underway. We did have a great summer here, our first in Cambodia. It was filled with all sorts of activity; beginning of our homeschool adventure, various teaching trips to the province, language study, etc.

Here are a few pictures of some of Darryl's time in the province (when I say province that basically means the countryside, i.e. anywhere outside of Phnom Penh).

Below are pictures are taken from Darryl's trip to Kampot last week. He and Pastor Narith, Vannie, and Melkie (MTW team member) headed out in the MTW van to do two teaching sessions on the Christian family. Although the van broke down on the way there Darryl was still able to get other transport and make, albeit a tad late, for the session. It was a good turnout--sixty-six church leaders of various sorts (pastors, sunday school teachers) came from the surrounding countryside for the training sessions.

Both sessions went well and there were many questions and discussions after the training. The next training session will be in September, please pray for these times to be blessed! Here are a few pictures, rather grainy in quality, as they were taken with Darryl's mobile.

"Nice" room used for the training at the student center.

Teaching Podium

Small group discussions after the topic.

The following pictures are from an earlier trip to Kampot Province. Darryl went with MTW team member, Lloyd, and Pastor Narin to examine and baptize people desiring to make confession of faith and be baptized.

Both pastors listening to the testimony of the new believers.

Pastor Narin baptizing and praying for them.

Darryl and Lloyd with the whole group of new believers in Kampot. MTW team member, Esther, lives and works in the province. She has been the first one to tell many of them about the good news of Jesus Christ.

So...not quite like the shores of Lake Michigan, but the trails of Cambodia have been a blessed road to travel along as well. We're privileged to be here!

We are woefully behind on fundraising for this year since we did not return home in the summer. If you'd like to give your support you can do so by visiting the Asian Hope site here.

Much love to you all!

P.S. Please enjoy a slowly melting mint chocolate-chip ice cream cone for me and enjoy the rest of your summer! Drop me a line sometime (dedertfamily@yahoo.com); we'd love to hear from old friends and new folks too!


Albert'n'Carly said...

well sis, to help you feel better let me remind you what camping REALLY is....uncomfortable deflating air mattresses, neighbors playing guesstures until 2am and waking up your baby so you're up all night, dry conditions so no campfires... don't feel to bad about missing out. the pictures are really nice, despite being taking with a "mobile". :)

Kara said...

Ya, I think I am glorifying it, but I can only remember the good parts. Plus don't you remember the great memories from when we were the kids?

Albert'n'Carly said...

yes, it's way more fun when you're a kid! :) i used to LOVE camping. i have hope i will one day enjoy it again.