Thursday, September 17, 2009

5:00 Highlight

It's 5:00 and we are ready for DAD to come home! Usually we can hear Darryl's bike as soon as he turns the corner onto our road. His bike has a loud engine and is always the signal for screams "Daddy!!!" and everybody rushes to the gate as if it's been days since we've seen him. Really it's only been since 6:30 am but it may as well be forever to them.

It's the time of day I'm sitting on the front steps, tired after a good long day, watching the children run amok, eat mango, and trying to survive the general mayhem in good spirits. I don't scream when he comes through the gate...but I'm dancing inside.

Sophie waits at the gate, climbing on our custom-built playground.

Evie spends the time catching a few more unfortunate fish from the pond,
And eating sour mango with chile and salt.As soon as he's off that bike and Evie's had her one-minute hug, Darryl's off with all sorts of important duties. Like helping Noah cart his sister around on his bike. Look at that face, the exertion! She is after-all, only two pounds less than him.
Repairing the home-made windmill from Sophie's science lesson

It's hard being six-months pregnant with three little ones at 5:00 in the afternoon. Probably the next hardest job is being the husband to that six-months pregnant woman with three little ones at 5:00 in the afternoon :).

I love that man.

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Duane and Mary said...

LOVE the pictures- almost makes me cry that I've never met the majority of your precious children! And our kids and myself completely relate to the homecoming of Daddy from work- I think it's the highlight of our day, with plenty of squeals and hugs and rough house...
Thanks for posting!
Love Mary