Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Party of Five

It was inevitable.  Two nights before family pictures little Noah tumbled out of bed and ended up with a bloody and puffy lip and a good scrape on his chin.

The night before family pictures Noah and Sophie pulled every trick in the book to stay up and finally fell asleep three hours past their bedtime.  Only to wake up to Noah's crying at midnight due to a bad cold and cough coming on.

"We're going to have to cancel first thing in the morning you know, Kara," Darryl says to me.
Long silence.
"We are giving them Pepsi for breakfast.  The pictures will go on," I say.

The morning of pictures it occurs to me that maybe Noah's hand-me-down shoes to Evie might not look so charming in pictures.  And what to do about Sophie's shoes?  I guess just use the old tennis shoes...with a dress?   


The kids smile and have fun running around looking at the fish and birds.  Evie waddles about in Noah's old sandals, Noah holds onto his pants carefully safety-pinned together, and Sophie dashes about in her sparkly pink tennis shoes and dress.

It makes me laugh when I look through the pictures.  The details of our lives are mismatched and imperfect.  But we are alive, happy, healthy and blessed beyond measure. 


Terreth said...

I did not notice a thing about clothes or shoes until you said something, even then I had to look a few times.

But come to think of it, Kara used to be one of my official fashion consultants too.

Jonathan and Allyson Beeke said...

Kar, don't sweat it. Your kids just look like missionary kids:):):):):):):) I'M JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! You guys look great, and it was awesome to see pics of the fam. Evie is absolutely adorable...I love the curls; Sophie looks so old and mature-beautiful and (ironically) still looks like Dedert:) And Noah is all Zevenbergen!
Miss you guys!

Cambodia Connect said...

What a joy to look at your blog and the great pics! Bless you guys!!

Kara said...

Lol, Terry, I forgot about that!

Al, my fears were already realized a long time ago. Now I just focus on...are they clothed? :)

Norine, hope you guys are doing great! Did you know we have one more on the way?

Duane and Mary said...

Thanks, Kar! Loved the pictures- thanks for the update!
Love Mar

Kate said...

Gorgeous photos of all of you! That family shot is just beautiful. Mismatched and safety-pinned looks just right on all of you. :)

Jenny said...

In spite of the challenges, you got it done! The pictures look great, so do the kids, and so do both of you! God bless you all.

Jenny Jansen
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada