Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prayer Update

A few days ago we sent an email to our prayer supporters asking for prayer for a young girl on our mission team who was bit by a pit viper snake last Thursday. She was flown to Bangkok for emergency care and it's God's mercy she is still with us. She is now out of ICU; here's an update we received from a friend this evening:

"Keep praying. They are still in Bangkok with Catherine and won't release her until her blood counts are normal. I guess she is still having a problem with her blood coagulating properly. Also she seems to have a systemic infection and the toe is not healing. It is black and looks horrible. We pray she will not lose it."

If you want to be added to our email list please let me know at

Thanks again for lifting this young girl in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Hay Kara we are praying , please sent an up date soon
Jeremiah A.

DadnMom said...

How is she doing now-have you heard any more?