Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Toast and Theology

I treasured the gray morning. It isn't often the sun hides under the clouds. I love the brilliant sunshine but crave those gray days that give way to silence, introspection, and that cozy feeling.

Lunch comes and I'm busy about the kitchen table--serving up big glasses of milk, slices of fresh mango, and yummy whole-wheat toast with honey (also known as: "Toes 'n Unny", affectionately coined by Noah).

Down through the skylight brilliant bursts of sunlight appear, in a moment, filling the whole kitchen with brightness.

Sophie looks up in awe. Pauses quizzically. "Mom, is that light from the angels? or God?"


Me: "It's from the sun, which God gave us."

Sophie: "No, I don't think so mom. Remember how the angels came with a bright light to the shepherds? I think it's those angels."

I weigh the options in my mind, thinking of a response.

It's all too easy to stifle child-like interest by giving answers far above their comprehension. We find comfort in our big words and theological structures. Which are important of course... But, how can I cultivate and encourage big thoughts of God in these little people? Inspire awe of God? The reality of God?

I decide to keep quiet. Understanding will come in time. I'm reminded of Jesus' own words about having the faith of a child. For now I will keep reading the Bible stories, praying for God to give the increase, and asking Him to refresh child-like wonder in my own heart.

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Kate said...

I find it hard sometimes to shut off "teaching mode" and leave something, as strange as it sounds, between Adele and the Lord...Your post is a good reminder that we aren't always the go-between! Lots of love to you all.