Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's In the Job Description

A Russian woman and a Cambodian moto driver.
Not the likeliest pair...I'll give you that.

Job Description

Pour your heart and soul into the lives of students. And occasionally provide entertainment for your own expense. And all of the other millions of things teachers do.

Wife of Teacher:
-Always expect unannounced students...perhaps for dinner or perhaps needing a place to sleep for the night.
-Remember to text husband (not call) when he is in staff meetings, teaching, etc., etc.
-Don't let the kids use dad's school papers for coloring. or paper airplanes.
-Mandatory participation in your husband's never ending "great ideas" for student life.

Students had a hoot of a time wandering around the crowded shopping center looking for us. Darryl did a great job playing the role of a local moto driver and kept them looking for a long time. His dirtied clothes, motodriver gloves, and perfect role playing were a riot to watch.

I tried my best to play it cool as I avoided the stares of the general populace who were no doubt thinking I was part of the local Russian mafia. And when a few groups of teenage girls gathered thinking I was a celebrity (no doubt those goofy glasses were the key) I began to really sweat under that hot wig. But it was fun and some students never figured it out!

Worth it? For this gang, any day.


Anonymous said...

Sharayah had such a great time!!! Thanks for the effort you put in! She said you looked so great in your wig--and I should get a pair of shades like you:):)Where did you get them? Thanks for posting pics.

DadnMom said...
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DadnMom said...

You do look pretty different with that get-up! Dad said he'd probably pass you by in a mall without looking twice. Darryl sure comes up with some great ideas-sounds like a fun night.

Darryl said...

Hey Norine, I found them at the bottom of the Soriya. Wish I could have said good-bye to you and spent more time with you. Blessings to your family and your return trip to Canada!

natezev said...

oh wow...only in cambodia and only if your a dedert