Monday, March 16, 2009

Settle Down Youngins

It's always out of control. I'm not sure what goes into these Sunday night concoctions but it might have to do with a lot of sitting in church, reading books, and other not-so-tiring activities that creates general mayhem at bedtime. I have visions in my head of trying to implement a very worthy application from the sermon, perhaps practicing the books of the Bible, or reading a verse. You get the picture.

I realize my chances are dim when I look up from my book and see this:

The left-over laundry piles from the day before sit quietly on the bed in neatly folded piles. Or at least they did a minute ago.

"Okay, you guys. Stop wrestling. It's all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt (or so my dad says)."

"Seriously, Noah, you are strangling Evie. Let go...NOW!"

"Ahem." Silence. "Sophie, start from Genesis and see how far you get, okay?"

"Genesis, Exodus, Leminicus, Numbers, Deuteromony, ...." Silence. Eruptions of giggles.

I can't help it, I'm laughing with them.

Note to self: Next week, try this earlier in the day.


Jonathan and Allyson Beeke said...

Crack me up...

kelly anne said...

I'm laughing with you! Your kids are so funny, and you are such a great mom, Kara. I miss having you around! It seems like your family is growing so beautifully. I remember Sunday nights being full of pent-up energy as a kid...

Albert'n'Carly said...

Where'd they get that from?? Certainly not our side of the family, we were also so calm and controlled, especially Sunday nights. (right...) :) These pictures are hilarious!! And the kids get cuter by the day. Miss you guys!