Friday, September 02, 2011

Sermon Notes (from a 4-year old)

I found Noah's sermon "notes" stuffed in the pocket of his church pants. While I do appreciate his artistic side I'm really scratching my head to find any remote connections between his notes and the sermon. 

Now that I think about it the figures on the bottom remind me of the last picture from the book "Five Little Monkeys with Nothing To Do." Hmmm....

How do you get your young ones (5 and under) to be attentive in church? Are they just there to learn the skill of sitting quietly or should we expect them to glean what they can from the sermon?


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Neat pictures Noah! I love how the letters and numbers have faces. I also love the variety of different expressions on the people's faces. Maybe he was drawing what he was seeing on the faces of those around him - some are happy to be in worship, some are serious, some are sad (not necessarily because of church)?

Kara, I remember that I wasn't expected to actually listen to the sermon until I hit high school (when I was around 12 years old). I did however have to sit still and read a book or colour quietly so that those around me weren't distracted. We were also only allowed to do those things during the sermon. We did have to participate in the rest of the service (and that was much harder 40 years ago when we only used hymn books with lots of big words in small print). Most sermons aren't pitched at kids, and I know you and Darryl give them heaps of Bible teaching at their own level at home, so I wouldn't stress too much if they don't "get" the sermon. Whatever you decide, it has to be right for you.

Kate said...

I think both: sit still and glean what they can. My kids are too young to understand much, but even if the entire sermon is over their heads or if they don't listen well, they are witnessing and participating in worship...they're soaking up the feel of it and how important it is. Ya know?