Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Duty Filled With Delight

Many times I unwittingly insinuate God as a burden in my life instead of being my burden-bearer. Prayer, worship, evangelism, and just plain old living out the gospel in my life become tasks instead of the joy and refuge they were created to be.

Take my day for example (maybe you can relate).

I came down bleary-eyed and ready for that hot cup of coffee my dear hubby had waiting for me. (Bunny trail here: My parents gave me this coffee-maker  for Christmas and life has never been the same. WOW. Now my friends come over for coffee and to visit...in that order.)

The pile of dishes also greeted me along with a dirty sink in need of scouring. I inwardly sighed, thinking of all the straightening and cleaning that needed to get done.  I caught sight of my bible study book..."Oooooh yeah. That's this morning. I have so much to do, I really don't feel like going..." I chewed my lip deciding what to do. I packed up my Bible and workbook and headed out with Duty at the wheel and Delight in the backseat.  

It never ceases to amaze me how willing the Lord is to pour into us even when we come with such unprepared and unwilling hearts. I'm distracted but He is purposeful and intentional in my life. I'm quick to put other things before my "duty" of seeking the Lord and yet He responds joyfully and at any time to those who call on His name. 

Through His word and reminders of Himself (revealed in the Bible) my dead heart loses the the heavy burdens of duty and thoughts of self and becomes a pulsating heart beating with life, joy, and longing for Him. All my baggage gets dumped out of the wagon and gets filled up with thoughts of Him and my life IN Him. 

My heart may be tired or my emotions worn but He finds a way to make me feel full of life and hope. The hope from His word turns into a song for my heart.

Look up, look up. Look away from the desolate landscape. I pour blessings in desert places. I find broken backward places and I redeem them. Give me your broken heart, pour out your heart to me, I will hear. Open your mouth wide, let me fill it. I will fill it up with my glory. I am greater than your fears. I am greater than death. I am your hope. I am the reason you go on. Trust me. Are you tired? Here is the Bread of Life. Receive strength from it. Are you crying? I am the Word made flesh. I know your sorrow. Do I understand? I have dwelt among you and am a man acquainted with grief. Do you long for protection? I will hide you away in the cleft of the rock. You are mine, I will keep you, I know the very number of hairs on your head. 

I did get to those dishes and that dirty sink and wondered why on earth I drag my feet when it comes to seeking God. He gives freely to even the half-hearted. He fills up places we didn't even know were empty. I didn't mind the long lists of duties anymore, I stood at the sink like any other day. But on the inside I was bowing down and singing hallelujah till I was hoarse. 


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Thank you Kara! You have so much on your plate, and yet you continue to share deeply from your heart. I'm glad you went to Bible study that morning, and that God filled up you heart with blessings. Thanks for reminding all of us just how much we have been given. Our God is an awesome God!

Kate said...

Amen! I was thinking the other day about the "Ask, and ye shall receive..." verse...I was acknowledging all the times I've received without asking. Humbling, beautiful truth.

Mel said...

Thank you! This is so relvant to conversations I have had with Christian sisters this week. You put it so clearly and it pours out God's grace!! Very encouraging.THANK YOU!

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