Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kid Tales

What a hoot these kids are. Sometimes I think I have them figured out and then they come up with these off-the-wall things that leave me wondering what planet they beamed here from.

On Tuesday I ran out of the van with a massive stacks of library books. I was in a hurry and desperately trying to balance everything in my arms. Noah was frantic for my attention. Finally in an effort to get him to stop pestering me I gave him my attention. He looked at me in all earnestness and said, "Mom, does Grandpa live in the library?"

Evie and Noah are always vying to press the button on the inside of the elevator. Apparently there is something very special about the button inside and neither will settle on pressing the outside button. After riding the elevator up and down to give both of them a turn Noah pushed the button to go up. "Now you did it," I said. "You just hit the button that sends us to the moon." He looked at me with an face mixed with hopefulness and terror, "Really mom?"

Evie came down for breakfast today and before her eyes were fully open she told me in great detail about how a green caterpillar crawled in her mouth and broke off her tooth. This was announced with great seriousness and conviction.

Sophie has taken up journaling. An idea I encouraged with the focus of increasing writing skills and creativity. I didn't realize it would also increase my humiliation. Apparently for "show and tell" she read her first journal entry about shopping with her mom. She read with great detail about how her mom looks at everything in the store (no, no, child, it's retail therapy!!!). But the real grand finale is the illustration of me looking at things on the shelf saying, "I want to buy that." A little girl standing behind me (Sophie) is saying "Oh no, not again!" in exasperation. I'm sure it was enlightening to all of her fellow classmates and teachers. Nothing like being materialistic and letting the whole world know.

Who needs comedy when you've got kids?


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Thanks for sharing your chuckles with us Kara. Thanks also for the updated family photo. I think the biggest change I notice is in Evie. Somewhere in the last 9 months she's changed from toddler to little girl! She's looking gorgeous and no doubt keeping you on your toes. Love to Sophie. Tell her to keep writing! In fact love to you all and thanks again for the treats Darryl brought me. One book read and thoroughly enjoyed, one on the pile for Khmer New Year (only one day and one more week).
Love you.

Kate said...

Ha. I love little vignettes like these. Today, when my mom was talking for several minutes about Wales, Adele finally piped up and said, "I like whales." I think it's funny how they take us so seriously and literally on certain things (elevators to the moon), but then other times I feel like I need to wear a sticker that says, "I'm not kidding, kid!"

trmills said...

So enjoyed these stories and love seeing you all!