Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Christians Get Depressed Too

Darryl has flown for browner pastures today. That's right. He's off to Cambodia with our friends Jeremiah and Sarah keeping him company. Strangely the panic of flying solo for a few weeks hasn't set in. Perhaps that's due to the many folks who've offered to help. Phew, thanks for the breathing room guys.

On another note, things are happening at a rapid pace around here. This week Dr. Murry is leading a conference on Depression.

The conference is this week Friday and Saturday. March 4-5. Check out the details here.,.

For all of you out-of-towners (most of the readers of this blog) you can order his book, Christians Get Depressed Too. It's a short primer on depression that addresses the causes of depression, the cures of depression, and includes a special note to caregivers. You can order it here.  It's an excellent practical start to approach your own depression or to understand another's. Dr. Murry is one of the most compassionate and able biblical counselors I've met.

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Terreth said...

One of the best books on depression I have ever come across.