Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Some of you may have already heard that we are having a real struggle this past week. Calvin has gone downhill quite quickly and we are not certain if he is facing his last days or struggling with an illness that he may recover from.

God has given rich measures of grace and comfort to Darryl and myself during this time. We feel covered by the hands of the Lord and continue to look to Him for our son's needs. Would you please pray for our family?

Please pray for comfort for Calvin and for relief from the trembling episodes. Please pray for the comfort of the Lord to fill each family member's heart in this difficult time. Calvin has been very comfortable all day which is a huge blessing. Darryl gave him a bath this morning and he looks so precious and beautiful. Every once in a while a teensy bit of a smile will tug on his lips when Noah or Evie comes around. We love him so much.


Duane and Mary said...

We will!
Love the Rogers

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and you dear little boy! May God have mercy and relieve any discomfort Calvin has. Praying God's strength and peace for you.
In Christ,
Pastor John & Sue Koopman

trmills said...

Oh, Kara, I am following, and praying. Every time I read my eyes are full of tears and I don't know what I can say to offer friendship and love, but I will pray. Thank God for the moments of comfort and joy in Calvin's little life. Happy birthday to your precious boy, and thanks be to God for preserving you through this unbelievable year.