Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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It's been a fast-paced life ever since we landed in the promised land of AMREEKA (not that it was slow before). It is great to actually see family in person rather than over Skype. Sophie, Noah, and Evelyn think we have permanently moved in to Grandpa and Grandma's house. Will we ever be able to leave? Cousins, toys, sandbox, four-wheeler rides, fruit snacks, forests, you name it, these kids think we've landed at the end of the rainbow.

There are many things buzzing about that I'd like to blog about. But for tonight I'm just going to blog about Calvin in response to most of the emails filling my inbox. Calvin went for an MRI on Monday. He did great. Darryl and I sipped some chai in the hospital cafeteria while he underwent the procedure. We hope to be hearing soon about the findings. Well, kind of hoping. It's also a little frightening to have some of our fears confirmed.

Most of you have been wondering what therapy we are pursuing for Calvin. It's taken us a long time to sort through the many options available and determine what is beneficial, what is just a scam, what does the medical community give approval of, etc. Here's the information we made available to friends at the open house:

We have been researching many different therapies to see if any might benefit Calvin. In addition to traditional therapy, we kept hearing about a therapy called the Masgutova Method.

This therapy focuses specifically on kids with cerebral palsy and brain injuries and has helped many kids like Calvin. By retraining the reflexes to work properly (Calvin is hyper-reflexive) it allows the body to use itself more effectively. Many children who were unable to sit, crawl, or walk have received tremendous benefits from this therapy and were able to proceed to the next stage of development.

While we were considering the Masgutova Method we received several emails from people who suggested this very therapy. We felt it very providential to hear recommendations for the Masgutova Method from people who were not aware that we had even heard of, or were considering, this therapy. We've also been in contact with a doctor who has a son with some of Calvin's symptoms who has shared a lot of her experiences with different therapies.

Several times a year there are camps in the United States,Canada, and Poland for this therapy. Families attend a two week camp where children receive 6 sessions of therapy every day. Parents are taught to do the therapy themselves for their child. Many OT’s and PT’s also attend the camp to learn this method. In the evening there are seminars for the parents to attend. Although there is no cure for Calvin’s condition we are hoping to learn how to best utilize what ability he has.

Thank you friends for your many prayers. We are overwhelmed with your support. My eyelids are closing. More tomorrow.

Signing out. G'night.

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