Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cambodian Wedding

Saturday (one week ago) marked the happy occasion of the marriage of two good friends, Greg and Srey. Greg is the History teacher at Logos and Srey has been a great friend for years.

The beautiful bride, Srey, walking down the aisle with her mother.

Darryl had the honor of standing up for Greg. He's happy for Greg, look at his smile :). The vows were beautiful. The wedding was a neat mix of Khmer and Western traditions.

Friends are a blessing! Jess and I.

Calvin had lots of eager hands to hold him...except for when he started screaming :). Aussie friend and fellow teacher, Karen, getting an earful from Calvin.

Cambodian of shrimp soup, plates of cashews, chicken (complete with the beak), fish, and lots of other Cambodian specialties to pick at with chopsticks. We had a great time sharing a meal with friends and actually relaxing for a bit.


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