Monday, May 25, 2009

A filledtothebrim sort of month

The end of the school year is so near and we can almost taste that sweet ending! The past two months have been jam-packed with activity, here's a taste.

Logos' second graduating class made their debut to the world. The graduates are excited but along with that is a mixture of sadness and apprehensiveness. Most are leaving their families in Cambodia and heading to new areas of the world (many for the first time!) to study in college. They are a very close group but many of them will probably never meet each other again. Some are headed to India, Korea, and N. America while others will remain in Cambodia. It's an emotional and exciting time for the school community--it's the culmination of so much time and effort for teachers and students alike.

Logos continues to give out over $100,000 of free education a year to Cambodians. What a blessing to have teachers here from all over the world, supported by churches and individuals, so that so many can have a biblical and life-changing education at Logos. We are pressing on, constantly amazed at the Lord's provision for the school by way of teachers, monetary donations, visiting mission teams, and many, many other ways that God continues to bless this school. What a tremendous outreach in Cambodia!

Graduating Class of 2009!
8 Cambodians
4 Americans (all MK's)
2 Koreans

John Roberts, friend and fellow teacher at Logos, delivered a moving speech to the graduating class. It was especially personal for him because his second son was also donned in the blue hat and gown.
John and Sheryl Roberts

The day after graduation, eleventh grade (Darryl's homeroom class) hosted the banquet for the high school. It was a lovely evening of great food and good company. The teacher's table was highly entertained by watching the students play games, MC the evening, and by observing the unique dynamics of all these great students together!

I managed to snag a handsome chap :).

Lyna is a Cambodian student in the graduating class this year. She is privileged to have Teacher Vuthi as her mother. I have always appreciated her Christian perspective on missions and Khmer culture. She is a very valuable resource for Logos, a wise and godly woman, and a great teacher (she gave me my first Khmer lessons). She is beautiful, inside and out.
Teacher Vuthi and her husband at the banquet.

We had a great time as a family at the Art and Music night. Student's art was on display--I'm always amazed at the talent! When I consider that our art program is VERY low budget (but we do have a VERY gifted art teacher) I am even more amazed at what comes out of the art room. Brilliant.

Darryl and Evie enjoying the exhibits.

Sophie enjoying her friends a bit more than the art.

And now, here's a sampling of the talented Logos choir who fed us with beautiful words of traditional hymns, transported us to the plains of Africa (all men, all creatures, praise the Lord),

to, my personal favorite, "Good News" from the cotton fields.

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Wow! That is a talented choir. Thanks for putting these clips up, they are great!