Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Which ones are mine again?

Have you ever read the series All of a Kind Family? When I was in elementary I discovered these gems during the local reading program at Schuler's books. They've long been my favorite series and I'm anticipating the day I can read them aloud to Sophie.

We've had our own sort of 'All of a Kind Family' here in the Dedert house. A happy, bewildering, whirlwind, sort of family. We've had a lovely friend and two three-week old twin baby girls added to the bunch, at least temporarily. These two little ones were rescued and we are busy trying to get these little ones back on their feet. The doc says they appear healthy and are in need of lots of nutrition and human touch.

The kids are thrilled with them. Sophie whispers at night, "Will the babies be here in the morning?" Please pray for strength to take care of these little ones, especially Laura, as she gives them most of their care. Pray that we will be able to find someone soon to give her some relief and for guidance with these little one's futures.

Starving hungry all the time. They are catching up!

Esther is the littlest of the two. Look how big Evie's newborn size shirt is on her.


Albert'n'Carly said...

Aww! They look so tiny but yet so alert. Is Nancy looking for somewhere she can live and get help or just someone that can help her during the day? I'll be praying!

Kara said...

Hey Car, yeah...we found a new home for the babies, with Laura, and we are looking for somebody to move in with her so she can have some help with the little ones. They are growing so much!