Saturday, November 15, 2008

He's Two!

It's been two years.

Life began quietly for Noah in a Bangkok hospital surrounded by gobs of sweet little black-haired Thai babies. A bit out of place as a big blond boy but just right for us. I miss the days of snuggling him up close, right into my shoulder. He was such a content baby, we were spoiled! Evie brought us back to reality :). When he turned one he was ready to explore the world. For his birthday we bought him a hammer and wooden pegs. You've never seen such force in your life, we laughed till we cried. Following in Grandpa's footsteps.

I love to get him out of bed and see his big grin. I hold him tight and feel the tap-tap-tap on my back from his pudgy little hand. We laugh as we listen to him impatiently expand his increasing vocabulary. "Mom, mommy, mom, mommy....MOM!" He tries to get my attention and then points to the unknown object waiting for me to name it and then practicing it on his own over and over and over.

At night while tucking him into bed we sing "Rejoice in the Lord always" and he gets his hands shaking, ready to clap at just the right moment. Whenever I announce it's time for lunch or time for a snack he jumps and runs with his hands in the air and shouts "Yaaaay!" It's these things plus a million more that make our days full and blessed.

Tonight as we sat at supper he looked at his food and proudly said, "MINE." Then looked to me for affirmation. "That's right", I said, "it's yours." He looked at me quizzically. "Yours?" he repeated and then, "no, mine." Back and forth we went with Sophie giggling away. Finally we settled on, "Yes, that's Noah's food." He sat back proudly and said, "mine".

It's been two years. And we're praying for many more with this little boy.

Noah's birthday celebration with friends

Darryl had fun organizing the balloon games and running all
over with kids going in every direction. What a hoot!

He ate two of these. Just the frosting of course.
Oh yeah, and the sprinkles.

Doing what he does best, PLAYING with his FOOD!

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