Monday, January 30, 2006

Sophie's Birthday

Sophie celebrated her 2nd birthday on January 21. We thought she would enjoy having the people she loves that meant inviting the entire Asian Hope gang! It was great. Sophie was so excited when they all came piling up the stairs, she didn't know who to run to first. Elizabeth and Kosal were anxious to help her open up her presents.

Tom, Hannah, and Naomi Beeke had just arrived in Phnom Penh the day before. I think Naomi was a little overwhelmed...going from being the only child to one in 40! Elizabeth and Fanny are holding her here. The tears came just seconds later:).

Naomi and Sophie sharing lunch together. Theý've had a great time together and enjoy each other's company. Sophie seems to think she's Naomi's mother but Naomi has a pretty cheerful attitude about it all.

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Sarah said...

2 of the cutest munchkins ever seen! :-)