Friday, August 26, 2011

Dwell In Thee

I'm low lately. I think I might know why.  These verses from Jeremiah 17 have arrested me. Perhaps I'm dwelling in a desert place? If that's you too, read this.

Thus says the Lord:
Cursed is the man who trusts in man
and makes flesh his strength,
whose heart turns away from the Lord.

He is like a shrub in the desert,
and shall not see any good come.
He shall dwell in the parched places 
of the wilderness, 
in an uninhabited salt land.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
whose trust is the Lord.

He is like a tree planted by water,
that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when heat comes,
for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
for it does not cease to bear fruit.

With Darryl going back to work most of Calvin's care is on me. My arms are usually full from the waking hours until 10:30 at night. I feel tired, I worry about all sorts of things, and find myself walking by sight. It's then that my faith grows dim and all sorts of doubts rush in to take faith's place. I'm like that shrub in the desert and can't see any good coming and instead see struggling and despairing future. Wilted and defeated I withdraw even further from God and His Word.

I'd stay there too if it weren't for the love of the Father. He reaches down with His Word and puts it under my nose even when I'm reading out of habit. It breathes life back into my soul and truth fills me up.

I want to be like the tree with roots planted in Him, trusting in Him. Then I won't fear when trouble comes, my soul will be alive and I'll bear fruit. Anxious thoughts will leave. That's the power of being alive in Christ. He is the living part that infuses my wilted worrying self with life and hope.

I love this song from Kate's blog. We are never out of reach from the Lord's hand. No matter how far we travel to distant lands or leave green pastures. He leaves to look for us. This song comforts me and echoes my own restless heart. Make me to dwell in Thee.


Kate said...

I've always loved the tree/roots analogies in Scripture...such a sharp contrast between shrubs in the desert and trees by a river. I'll be praying for you as always these days. Take a peek at Joel 2:24-25: a beautiful thought about God restoring the years we "lose"....

Kara said...

Thanks for that Kate, it's beautiful! While I don't have a cankerworm, caterpillar, or palmerworm I do have my own "robbers": tiredness that take away from parenting my other kids, guilt, and lost time with everything else I had "planned" to do with my life.