Monday, June 27, 2011


June was filled lotsahelpinghands in our home. My dear sister, Kristin, undertook the big task of coordinating helpers and our needs and matching them up together, no small feat. It has been a tremendous help to have everything coordinated online (because you all know how good I am with my phone...). If you're interested in checking out the online calendar you can email my sis ( and she'll send you a password to go on and check out the calendar. You can sign up for meals, helping out with the kids, or playing with Calvin. Here's a note from our family to all those who've given of their time or resources.

Dear Friends, 

From stroller rides, delicious meals, laundry pick-up and more you have made June a delightful month for our family. 
Thank you for the wonderful meals prepared for our family. It is such a tremendous relief to pull out dinner and warm it up after a stressful day. It has become a common question from the kids, "Who gave us this food, mom?" It is special to hear the kids parroting back what they see in action, "The people in our church are sooo nice." (Sophie). How special to have our kids experience the body of Christ in this way. 

Speaking of kids, thanks for those of you who've whisked them off to the library (or some other adventure) or sat and read books to them, played with them, or got them dressed on those crazy days. It has also been wonderful to go out for a run or have a chance to escape to Bible Study on Tuesday mornings while someone stays with the kids. It's given me a much needed recharging! 

We are also humbled by those of you who've helped our family tremendously with expenses. It has been a powerful form of God's provision for us. Thank you, thank you. It has freed our mind and time to care for the needs at hand without being overwhelmed with how to pay the bills. 

The month of July holds a bit of uncertainty for us. This Thursday (30th) we are meeting with the surgeon to discuss and schedule the 2nd Nissen surgery for Calvin. He has had such a great week that we feel we need to do it as soon as possible while he is doing well. We are hopeful this surgery will be more effective as we try to control the retching with medication. If the surgery is successful Calvin will not be at risk for continuously choking and aspirating. That would enhance his quality of life so much (and ours too!). 

Much love from our family to yours, 

Darryl and Kara (Sophie, Noah, Evelyn, and Calvin too!)


Kate said...

It's lovely to hear how beautifully the body of Christ is helping you guys.
We'll be praying for Calvin's appointment on Thursday....

KarenKTeachCamb said...

So good to hear how you are being cared for, and especially that you are getting some time out to recharge the batteries. I wish I could help, but you're just a little too far away these days. Never mind, I still get to enjoy your blog, and think of you all very often. I'll pray that appointment goes well, and for God's timing for the surgery. Great to hear things are going reasonably well at the moment. Long may it last. Love you all.

Rachel Amariah said...

Yay for helping hands! Yay for God's gifts and provisions to us through His church! I'm so glad to hear this. I am praying for you today as you talk about and maybe begin preparing for this surgery. Blessings to you. (I just read that in Hebrew this means 'to find the right path')God is with you! love, K