Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back on Track?

An hour of bliss like this makes me forget the hard weeks gone by. Thanks to my dear family (mom and sisters!) for checking in several times a day and to our church family who brings streams of meals, love, support, and relief and understanding. You are a lifeline for us, thank you.

Sometimes we get a little peek at the soul of this boy who lives inside this dear little body. It is so delightful and takes our breath away. These pictures are a loud reminder to me that this is my son, he has a personality, he has a soul, he has a desire for life just like you and me.

Too easily I give him up. I live the day waiting for his death instead of looking for his life. But there is life in there. Trapped behind eyes that don't see and arms that can't move and legs that won't stand.  He is there. And I long to know him more. I want to jump over this abyss of brain damage that separates him from me. It comforts me to know that no abyss is too great for God.

Calvin is working on bearing weight in his new braces.


Anonymous said...

that is so encouraging see this pics of Calvin!!!! You are right to take one day at a time and Calvin is ok for now today. In Him we all live and have our being. He is the one who gives us lives. Love and miss y'all, Srey, Greg and James

Danielle & Vandenn said...


Rachel said...

These pictures are beautiful. The times when you can see his soul must be glimpses of heaven for you. I love these pictures, his sweater (too cute) and that red lamp.

Anonymous said...

he is beautiful! you must treasure those happy moments so much & hopefully they give you the courage to face the challenging times!
trish anker
sumas, wa

Heather said...

He is just perfect! I love his smile and everything about his little boy face :)