Monday, May 16, 2011


We are ALL home safe and sound. For now. And it feels wonderful. Thankfully we have more time to make some decisions as Calvin is out of immediate danger.

On Friday we went for a sleep study. Not long into the study he had severe hypoxia (extremely low oxygen levels) and was cyanotic (blue skin, gray face). He was trembling violently and not far from death. He was coded and recovered.

This was nothing new for us to see. It's happened many times before but we had no idea what it was. The first time it happened I knew the death look and we raced in our van to the hospital. For whatever reason (the Lord's hand I'm sure) he revived before we reached ER. We have heard over and over from each specialist that it's amazing Calvin has survived thus far since his condition demands 24 hours vigilance. One ER doctor asked how in the world we've done this for a year and a half and not burned out. It's now even more clear that the Lord has been with us even though we have hit bottom many times. I think Darryl and I could both qualify as ICU nurses now :).

The reason he is prone to become severely hypoxic is because some part of his airway is collapsing. We have further tests this week to determine the details and pray about how to proceed.

Our two super dogs. Faster than the speed of bark.

Sometimes the Lord seems to take the burden of sadness off of us and instead fills us with wonder and joy at the blessing of our children. Normally we would be a disaster facing such impossible decisions but strangely we have had such a closeness from the Lord and peace in His providence. We look at Calvin and feel his pain and loss. But at the same time the blessing and joy of his life overwhelm us and we can "taste and see that the Lord is good." I don't think we've ever tasted such a peculiar joy in our lives before.

Two special little girls on Easter morning.


Duane and Mary said...

We continue to bring your needs to our Master's feet- so, so thankful that He has answered the prayer for peace tonight! We'll be praying for wisdom. Thanks so much for the update- keep them coming...

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Thanks for the update Kara. I praise God for his strength for both you and Darryl, despite the challenges. Will continue to pray that God leads you as you have to make decisions about Calvin's needs. I know He will guide you. Thanks for the cute photos of your boys and girls. Love the girls' haircuts. They look gorgeous all dressed up in their finest for Easter Sunday. Love you my precious friend. Hugs to everyone.

Christy said...

Your story never ceases to amaze me. Praying for you all today.