Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strong Spark

While Darryl was in Cambodia Calvin decided to pull out all the stops. He slept through the night; woke up most mornings without intense screaming sessions; made progress in therapy; smiled and giggled often; and learned to partially sit. The last one completely floored me. 

We discovered it by accident. I was doing some head control exercises in his bumbo while chatting to my sisters, Kristin and Amy. The kids were having a hay-day with the rice bin (evidence in the background).

He was holding his head up remarkably well.

After the bumbo I put him into a sitting position in front of me. Usually he's like a wet noodle that droops over to the ground with no muscle control whatsoever. This time he drooped but didn't tip over. Hmmm...good sign, right?

I put my hands on his hips to steady him
Then he put it into high gear and actually used his OWN muscles to pull himself up straight!

The result? One shocked elated momma. And the first few seconds of Calvin actually sort-of sitting. Way to go, Calvin!!!

It was a very exciting two weeks. Each night I'd give the reports to Darryl over skype. Sadly though, the day Darryl came back Calvin started to plummet again. We suspected he was having more seizures but quite honestly, it's often very hard to distinguish between his seizure activity or his normal behavior which can be very atypical. His therapy regressed and he began to have strange changes with breathing, sleeping, retching, etc. This morning our suspicions were confirmed when he began seizing strongly. We are working on med changes and hope the seizures will be more controlled. 

For the first time in those two weeks we had a glimpse of what Calvin can do when the seizures are not interfering with his brain activity. We were able to really see him alert and relational too. I want that little boy back.


Liz said...

Praying that you get your seizure free Calvin back. What joy to experience for a few days! I love the pictures, Kara, especially that last one. He has that knowing look kids get when they accomplish new things of "I know this makes my mom very, very proud"!

Kate said...

What great pictures - poor Darryl missed it but I hope and pray such great days will be back very soon.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Oh Kara, this is so precious. What a wonderful God we have. What a wonderful way He choose to encourage and strengthen you while Darryl was away. I'm so glad you've got those pictures to share with us all, and I'm definitely praying that you (and the doctors) will find the right combination of meds to keep those seizures under control so you get many more of these precious moments. Looking at these pictures, I realised that your baby really is growing up! His hair looks like little boy hair rather than the cute baby fluff he had earlier. Will continue to pray for God's ongoing blessing of your whole family. Love you.

The Pasang Family said...

I'm sure Calvin would like to say...thanks mom are great mom:)

trmills said...

We want that so much for you, too. Your mothering is a gift to Calvin (and all of your littles) and these photos are worth a million dollars of you loving your boy through the 'norm' and rejoicing in the unexpected. He is a beautiful boy and I'm praying for your mother's heart through every joy and challenge.

Anonymous said...

You do a great job mommy!!! Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Keep enjoying your precious little man.

God's blessings to all.
Love the Jansens in Chilliwack

Becky said...

Please give that little boy a big kiss from me. I would adore being able to bring my son to come play with Calvin. Will is loving and can be very gentle and I know he would get Calvin to giggle! I will be praying that the meds get adjusted back to where they were when he was doing so well.

Cox Family said...

I just want you to know how amazing you are and how I admire you for your strength! God bless you and your fam.
victoria cox