Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Finds

You're still here? After all my dreariness?

Sorry about that. These days I'm like a yo-yo in the hands of my two-year-old. Here, there, and everywhere... unpredictable and erratic, you get the idea.

And right now, I'm here. I've climbed out of the shopping cart and have my feet back on the ground in Sanityville. We're all down and out with cough and colds and whatever else is keeping us up at all hours. Here's one of the sick bunnies.

If you find any sleep, could you send it our way? Thanks. Today we're all hunkered down into our cozy house watching huge snow flakes pile up outside and making our way through our piles of books inside.

We are loving the good finds from the library this week. me crazy but I have to share some favorites. I may be more into the kid's books than the kids themselves but I found the colors and graphics in this book beautiful. I love the mix of modern and vintage. Here's a sneak peak of C is for Caboose designed by Gillingham.

I've spent a good part of the day dreaming this is my sisters and me taking lunch on the Canadian Pacific train. Escapism? Maybe. But seriously, why can't we wear hats like that now?

And then, this little gem, Adele and Simon by McClintock.

It's a sweet little whimsical story about a responsible older sister touting her little brother all over Paris. The really fun part is finding Simon's missing items in all sorts of famous places in the city.

Can you spot the famous artists joining the hunt for Simon's crayons?

If you have little ones, check these out. If you don't have little ones, check these out. Now I'm off to do some strumming with a little girl who just turned seven! Can you guess what Grandma and Grandpa gave her for her birthday? As soon as we can play Mary Had a Little Lamb we'll be sure to post a video for your listening ;). Oh, and Oma and Opa sent her a recorder...HELP! Where can I hide that thing?


Kate said...

Adele got "Adele and Simon" from Kelly when she was born and what a gem! I LOVE that book. I love perusing that last page with all the Paris sites identified. Cool, cool book!

Kara said...

Yes! the last page is the best. I'm going to look for the next one, Adele and Simon in America.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Thanks for sharing this. Even though you were all feeling a little low, you've managed to lift us up, and share the positives. Thanks for sharing the books. I can't believe Sophie is seven now! Looks like she's had a hair cut and got glasses too! Hmmm. To hide the recorder? Could it accidently fall behind a large bookshelf that you can't move? Great post Kara.

trmills said...

Sophie really looks like a cute little seven year old girl Darryl in that last picture! Amazing how daughters can look like their daddies and still look like beautiful little girls!

Christy said...

I've never heard of those books ... they look awesome!

Kendra said...

Hi Kara,
not sure if you will see this note but I actually got these Simon and Adele books from the Library bc I saw this on your blog. We love them too:) we love book suggestions. warmly, Kendra