Thursday, November 25, 2010


UPDATE November 27, Saturday, 8:25 pm Calvin is still in ICU but is doing well. We think he will pull through, just some rough days ahead. His vitals have all been much better today and it seems he is getting back on track. Darryl and I are taking turns at the hospital and family is helping with the other kids. He is breathing on his own and we are working on feeding and pain control. We couldn't ask for a more competent medical thankful.

UPDATE November 26, Friday, 6:38pm Calvin's surgery went very well. He's been having some trouble post-op and is in ICU. Thanks for continuing to pray for him.

Calvin seems to be stabilizing again. We are trying to keep him hydrated until his surgery Friday morning. Today was a good day for him, he was more alert and acted more like himself. He drinks occasionally from the bottle but otherwise we are keeping him hydrated with milk in a syringe so we can keep him out of the hospital.

Calvin's tests show no signs of illness so we are not sure why the sudden downturn. It could be his neurological state is deteriorating or he is having seizures we are unaware of. He will have a 24-hour EEG after his surgery on Friday to track brain activity. One day we feel he is completely slipping away and then the next it seems he is quite responsive and back to his feisty self.

We sang him a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday and gave him some of his favorite entertainment: Noah on the xylophone and Sophie on the harmonica. We even coaxed a grin or two out of him. Happy birthday, sweetie.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! So pleased you had a better day, and praying that your surgery will go well on Friday. I miss you, but know it's best for you to be where you are. Love you lots.

Dave and Mary Beth Bleeker said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Calvin! We are praying for successful surgery tomorrow and that Jesus will provide His love and care for you each and every moment of the day. Hugs for Mom and Dad!

Jamie said...

Praying for your family and especially Calvin today. Praying for the medical team and for successful surgery.

Love from the Veltings

Duane and Mary said...

Any news from today? How is that little guy doing? And Dad & Mom?
Love from the Rogers