Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding Words

The past eight months have opened our eyes to many things. One of those things is the need each one of us has for community and being supported by others. A while back I wrote a post about being part of the body of Christ. In the past eight months we have felt the incredible support and love from so many of you.

Really, it has blown me away.

Emails and messages have been little refreshing showers to us. Even though we haven't had time to respond to you, it has been a continual comfort to hear from you.

Next week we are planning to go to San Fransisco to pursue a specialized therapy for Calvin. When we first learned about the cost of the camp we immediately dismissed the possibility of attending. Then we considered taking out a loan so we could go. My mom suggested, "Let's do an open house when you get back, we can set out a box in case anybody wants to give towards the therapy."

I was hesitant. Mom insisted. And then proceeded to work hard to prepare food for 300 people. It was wonderful to personally visit with supporters and friends. I forgot about the box in all the busyness of the evening.

We all hustled about afterwards cleaning up from the big lalapalooza. That's when my sister came up and said, "You're going to the camp."

That night we counted people's love gifts to Calvin. We were stunned.

I said to my mom, "How do you say thank you for this sort of thing? Words fall short of showing how thankful we are."

"You just say thank you," was her reply.

Thank you (from the bottom of our hearts).

We are going to camp next week Thursday. (How cool is it that I'm nearly 30 and still going to camp?!)

P.S. Calvin is on new meds and we are having better days. It is really wonderful.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and yet we are still amazed when He provides for us like this! I'm so happy for you. Also glad to hear that Calvin is a little more settled. Praying for you, that the time at this camp will be a blessing to you all in ways that you cannot hope or imagine.

Kate said...

I will be praying that the camp goes great! Safe travels.
And I'm thrilled to read your P.S. and hear that Calvin is more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dedert Family,

I have been following your blog off and on since we left Cambodia. Congrats on the newest addition to your family. We live very close to SF, and would love to see you guys. We are currently in Oregon on a road trip, but if you are going to be in the SF area past August 13th, please contact us. Email me at:

~Brian and Karie Bourdet