Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One day at a time

We are in the great Northern country of Canada.  I'm do you parent with laryngitis?  I'm like a referee without hands or a whistle!  Ahhh...the kids are running the roost while I gesture and whisper as loud as my voice will go.  Funny?  Yes, if it's not happening to you :).

Come back, voice, come back!
Carry-on, chaos, carry-on.

Maybe I should look into getting a whistle.  On the other hand, I can't seem to properly purchase anything in Canada.  Who knew Canada had different swiping machines for credit and debit?  And where is the lemon or lime yogurt?  I think I need to grocery shop alongside a Canadian friend. 

Part of the confusion is probably due to lack of sleep.  Calvin has been having a very tough week.  So we are all having a tough week too.  I took a break yesterday to retain my sanity (hence the Wal-mart trip) and on the way listened to some CD's sent to me about parents raising kids with cerebral palsy.  I'm not sure if that was the wisest thing to do.  Although it was a powerful testimony of God's grace it made me teary-eyed the whole day.  The family pointed out how hard it is on parents of special needs kids--statistically most parents end up splitting.  At that point I cried a little harder and must have wandered out of my lane...HONK!  Oops.  Seriously, I wish I could just stop the tears and move on. 

Not that Darryl and I are thinking of splitting up ;).  No way, we need each other more now than ever.  And we happen to love each other too.  It's hard though to actually have conversation.  Unless you count, "Please get me a diaper cloth", or "Do you think he wants to eat?" or "Can you get the other kids?"

Romance used to involve food, time, and talk.  Now when Darryl offers, "Kara, go get some sleep.  I'll take Calvin for the night", it's more romantic to me than ten candlelight dinners. 

It blesses me to have Darryl.  Even in my worst moments when it seems like tomorrow is too hard to face, he smiles at me, "We're going to be alright, Kara.  Just take it one day at a time."

Plus, he promises me in five years time we just might go on a date :).    


Kryna said...

I hear you about the credit/debit thing. When we first came to Canada, they would ask if it was credit or debit, I would say debit, and hand them my debit card, and they would look at me like funny and say, no this is credit. Ok, what ever makes you happy!

We think of you all often and pray for much stength and encouragment for your family.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Remind me that I want to give you and Daryl a night off some time when you get back to Phnom Penh! Yep, that means I'll come to your place and stay with all four kiddos, and no doubt have a ball, while you guys go out somewhere and have a special evening to yourselves. Love you all.