Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot Days

Here are Calvin and I struggling through "tummy time."
Photo by Sophie. (It's always interesting what I find on that camera.)

I've been thinking of writing (venting?) about the past few weeks but decided not to. Who really likes to hear complaining anyways? So let's just say that the past few weeks have been filled with all sorts of adventures including me standing on a bucket armed with broom and stick at the power line, dumping water out windows from flooded floors, power outages like crazy in blazing heat, trying to pump while the power actually is on, clearing drains, get the picture.

It's hard to continue one's pity party when I drive out the gate and see multiple families camped under a blue tarp. One little piece of fabric separating them from the weather. Maybe a wooden slab for beds. A humble pot to cook food on. Children running about half-naked. Goats, flies, runny noses. Survival is the name of the game. Comfort is a luxury not striven for.

Necessity drives these school-aged girls out into the noon heat to sell their goods.

One afternoon, when I couldn't take the heat anymore, we piled into the car for a drive. I was tempted to ask Darryl to stop the car and let me take a dip in the Mekong with these cows!

Darryl's students in Service Leadership were busy this afternoon telling Bible stories to the kids from the surrounding village area and then letting them have fun illustrating. They were talented!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing that cute little Khmer squat again! Push on just a few more weeks-soon enough you will be freezing (although I know that you really do not remember what that means:).

trmills said...

You're a good writer, Kara. Thanks for sharing glimpses of life with us. That picture of you and Calvin doing tummy time is excellent journalistic photography- nice job Sophie! I'm dying to hear more about how things are going with Calvin. Know that we're praying. Much love from Bangkok!