Monday, December 28, 2009

In a Day

"I love a-l-l (stretch that word really long) his pieces," Noah pronounced at breakfast as he rubbed Calvin's head in hello. That's good Noah, so do we.

Calvin is the grateful (and I'm sure sometimes ungrateful) recipient of his three siblings affection. In their haste to show him their love they've also given him a cold which has left him making adorable baby snorts and in a rather grumpy disposition.

But, he's still finding reason to smile. I'd like to think these are real smiles, maybe they are!

Life with four kids ages 5 and under can be daunting, and going anywhere with all of us seems arduous.

As we headed to our church for the Christmas Eve service, Darryl sighed, "I don't think I can do this."

I, wedged in the backseat of the beautiful antique Camry between two car-seats, balancing bottles, hairbrush, and a glass of water (was I eating dinner too? I can't remember...) asked, "Do what?"

"Four kids, I don't think I'm ready for four kids."

Silence. Then laughing.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Noah was nearly sitting on top of him on the center console in the front and was full of wiggles, questions, and loudly singing songs while Sophie supervised his every move next to him. Or maybe it was Evie screaming in the backseat in protest at being confined in the car seat.

Hmm....wanna ride? :)


Kate said...

Absolutely hysterical. I love it. No couple could be more perfect for the job...just keep laughing. :)

DadnMom said...

I can't wait to join the party! Where do I sit? on the top of the car?

Sheryl Roberts said...

Those are most certainly baby smiles!!!

KKCambLogos said...

He's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your new delight! What precious smiles to put in your scrapbook and memory. Thanks too for sharing the bigger kids with us.

Go on Darryl, you can do it!

Remember God is bigger than all our challenges, and He never asks us to handle things on our own, but always provides the strength we need to overcome the challenges set before us.

Lois VanderStel said...

Kara - You need to become a writer for someone or something (in your spare time!), you are so good at painting the picture! Those sure do look like true-blue smiles to me; what a cutie! Thanks for the pictures and the update. We pray for you and extend our greetings to all. Pete & Lois