Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teaching in Kampot with MTW

Rice to a late start but doing well now!

Last week Darryl went out with the MTW team to Kampot. The medical team did first aid training for many members in the church in order for them to better assist the community there. The medical team is also starting a program training midwives to better assist with infant births. Cambodia still has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Darryl led two sessions (with the translators) to 50 church leaders, teaching some of the basic truths from the Westminster Confession (what is our purpose in life, general and special revelation, etc.)

The meeting house for the Bible teaching

In the village

Some of the attendees enjoying a break.


Usually Darryl comes back overwhelmed by the incredible need for good teaching. The leaders of the churches in the province have so little teaching, and some are not even able to read and write, what a blessing to be given opportunities to bring the simple truths of God's Word and assist our brothers and sisters here.

It seems each trip to the province somehow involves some sort of adventure with the team van. This time, the only way it would go in reverse was by pushing it, so Darryl arrived home wet and rather tired after the long 3-4 hour drive over bumpy roads (which he says is a free Cambodian massage).

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