Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Three: Fresh Fruit

Mini-Series: Why I Love Living In Cambodia
Day Three: Fresh Fruit

Fresh bananas cut right from the tree.

Rambutans, prickly red on the outside and sweet and white on the inside.


Pineapple. Sliced and put into a little bag with a skewer stick. Warm, sticky, and sweet.

I love pulling up to the fruit cart and ordering one fresh mango, to go please. The cleaver whacks in a familiar way at the mango, chiseling off the green peel and swiftly dividing the mango into a bouquet of chewy sticks. Chili and salt on the side.

That'll be 25 cents, please.


Al and Bud said...

Funny how you don't comment on the durian:) Bud and I met a guy the other day named Duran and we had to have a good laugh. Great pic by the way. And thanks for all the comments on our blog...I thought she was looking more like me:(

Kate said...

Your blurb about mangoes makes me drool. I might have to buy one this week and try the salt/chili thing on it...

Freddie V said...

love the mango's... went to the local fruit market and bought the "dragon fruit" or maybe you call it the jack fruit... just have to figure out how to eat it :)

Kara said...

Jack fruit is in season here, it's great. Just cut it open (there is no neat way to do it) and get ready to dig in with some sticky hands. Enjoy!