Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Ever Jog-a-Thon

Noah and I bounced along in the school van over potholes and around cows as we drove out to the new school grounds. We were going to watch Logos' first Jog-a-Thon. The students raised over $10,000.00 (many donations from the US) for the new school!

Elementary kids hopped out of the buses with their water bottles swinging and little legs ready to run. After having a time of prayer and song together with parents the kids ran around and around the hot and dusty track.
Not only did they raise money for a great cause and get some good exercise, they also proved to be great entertainment for the villagers. I doubt they had a clue what was happening with packs of kids running around in circles while dodging cows and motos. But I amused myself by coming up with some possibilities.... :).

Below: Notice one such curious person on the left...and one adorable baby, Ally, front and center!

I hardly think the little kids knew what they were in for either, but they were good little sports and we only had a few skinned knees and a few tears. You can see pictures of the new school here.

Below: Teachers and parents on the sidelines. Isn't that a gorgeous house on stilts in the background?
Photo Credits of the Jog-aThon belong to Anna Pedrosa (teacher at Logos).

Other not-so-interesting events from my day:
-Grocery shopping at one of the few shops opened during Chinese New Year
-Listening to the gazillions of firecrackers around our house...popping till I thought one more might just make my head pop off...there is wonderful silence now
-Eating "organic" cheerios that tasted like expensive cardboard
-Reading Modern Reformation's articles on orthodoxy and pondering, pondering...
-Thinking about my sister who is overdue and wishing I could be with her and soon-to-arrive baby
-Practicing Khmer with my neighbor. We speak half Khmer and half English with no pauses and understand each other perfectly. Maybe we've created another language.
-Saving Noah from Evie's tireless onslaughts of hair-pulling and biting, grabbing Evie's fingers out of the electrical sockets and rotating fans, and other general efforts to keep my kids alive and fully membered.

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