Friday, December 19, 2008

The Little Whistler

In and out, in and out. Those little cheeks puff up and down, then she puckers her lips and WALAA, she's got a whistle. That's right folks, an eight-month-old child can whistle. It really was all an accident. It started with Evie having a cold, which required breathing by the mouth only. When that first little peep popped out she was hooked. Three days later this child is still going strong, whistling all day long, every day. So far it's still adorable...check-in with me in a week and I might be singing a different tune.

Sophie of course is in awe. She's nearly five (which of course entitles her to the ability to whistle) and tries for hours without success.

Sophie and I had fun delivering these trendy rugs as Christmas gifts to teachers and friends. I picked them up at Jumpah handicrafts. These are hand-woven and gorgeous. If you're in the city, head over to st. 339 and check them out. They have a nice selection and it helps out a great cause.

We also handed out the gobs of sugar cookies we made. We had reindeer (apparently they looked liked least to Noah), some pretty good-looking stars, and a few lop-sided candy canes. But they were made with love.

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Kate said...

Sophie suddenly looks like your mom in that photo...