Monday, September 29, 2008

Good-bye Lydia!

We said a fond farewell to Lydia, the oldest of the girls at the House of Faith home, on Friday. Lydia was part of the first graduating class from Logos last year and was accepted to a nursing program in India. Her desire is to get her nursing degree and then return to Cambodia to work with missionary doctors and witness to her own people. To date, there is no nursing program in Cambodia that can give a high standard education. Please remember her in prayer as she is very nervous, excited, etc. about transitioning to India. I'm sure she'll be having some moments of loneliness too...especially after moving out of a house of eleven or so girls.

A bunch of Asian Hope kids having fun at Lydia's good-bye party. Joe Hansen is the gentleman on the couch, he and his wife, Rene are the new house parents for the boy's home.

Cambodian sisters!

It is the Pchum Ben holiday in Cambodia. The holiday where everybody leaves the city and returns to their village to pay respects to their ancestors at the local wats (temples). It is a mandatory holiday so Logos had to take off for two days as well. It's a difficult day for Cambodian Christians, many of their families think bad luck will come to them if every member of their family does not participate in the offerings.

We stayed in town for the holiday and had some fun with kids in the pool.

Red Chicken Curry...yum. This is a typical dinner at our house. Spicy! It's fun learning all these new recipes over here...I'm still not as good as the locals though!


Kate said...

Yum. That looks tasty, Kara! You should do a cambodian section to the next church cookbook.

Albert'n'Carly said...

gross, sorry sis but that is just nasty looking. ;)

Kara said...

I love spicy food but it might be too much for the Dutch palette, it's a bit different than a 9 by 13 casserole :).