Saturday, September 13, 2008


The weather has been absolutely delicious these past few days! At times the air has felt almost crisp; some evenings it's been down in the low 70's. It almost seems like fall is coming. The kids have been enjoying the strong cool breezes and play outside for hours with the neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, we've been blessed with great neighbors on both sides of our home. We live in a sort of townhouse and share a balcony and front "yard" with three other families. One family is a Cambodian couple that lived in New York for twenty years. They have now returned and the husband is working in an important position in the government. He has quite a high position and he is a Christian so they are praying for opportunities to evangelize to those in power. They adopted a little girl when she was just three days old from human traffickers. The wife is always so sweet and sharing all sorts of Khmer traditional food with us. Last night she brought over hollow bamboo pieces stuffed with rice, coconut milk, and beans (they consider this desert). I try to share my less exotic food too, like peanut butter cookies and potato soup :).

Here's the little girl, isn't she a sweetie?

Rice bean desert.

Our other neighbors are a kind family from Indonesia working with a Christian mission organization. They are busy learning the Khmer language. Many evenings we enjoy each other's company sitting on the front steps watching our kids play, sharing stories and concerns, and encouraging each other. I think if we ever move back to N. America I would miss that sense of community. OK, maybe not totally...Asian culture has very little sense of personal space, so several times I've had to explain to kids "please knock on the door before you come in, ask for food before taking it, and no, you cannot take a bath here." :).

Well, it has been a very busy day and I am ready to head off to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday and we look forward to hearing the Word. We are attending an afternoon service as well at a Khmer church plant. A Korean friend who graduated from Westminster West Theological Seminary preaches there in English. Darryl may be involved with this church in the future, filling in to teach as needed.

Thank you for remembering us in prayer. There have been several "crises" that we've had to deal with in the lives of students lately so we covet your prayers in that regard. In all the ups and downs of life He remains faithful and continues to encourage and teach us thru His Word. What a good God we serve!

Evie with two of her little friends, Lucia and Ally.